Quality: Leaders Cosmetics controls the entire fabrication and commercialisation process. All the products undergo clinical and dermatological testing. They are produced without using any mineral oils, artificial colourings or animal ingredients, and without any allergens or parabens. The fibres used are of the highest quality.

Innovation: We have drawn upon our scientific expertise, from the finest of research, in Switzerland and Korea. Leaders Cosmetics holds 8 patents. Efficiency: The Leaders Cosmetics masks offer a real soft and fresh sensation on the skin. The bio-cellulose ensures good distribution and penetration of the ingredients, as it perfectly fits the face contours.

Expertise: The Leaders Cosmetics research and development is composed of 11 of the best Korean dermatologists. Their clinical knowledge pushes them to constantly innovate, to provide cosmetic care products for women's well-being.

Safety: Our masks do not carry any risk for your skin. Their dermatologically tested content fits to all types of skin.