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Experts in Sheet Masks

Leaders offers at-home treatments for various skin concerns. Our Dermatology Specialists develop safe and potent formulas to restore your skin to the most beautiful potential.


Leaders Cosmetics research and development team has over 10 years of expertise developing cosmetics in the Korean market.

We aim to push our research to constantly innovate, and keep providing skin care products for all skin concerns.


Leaders masks offer a real soft and cooling sensation on the skin, they perfectly fits the face contours and allow the ingredients to be delivered deeply into the skin. We work tightly with Leaders Clinic, founded by top dermatologist from Seoul National University, which offers us the possibility to test the efficacy of our products and keep improving our formulas based on the feedback of customers and skin experts.


Leaders masks reach the market after going through strict clinical and dermatological tests to ensure that our products do not carry any risk for your skin.

We also ensure that our products follow the market cosmetics regulation and are authorized to be in the market.