LEADERS has developed a full range of cotton bio cellulose masks. In their funny packaging, these unique treatments are intended to all women. With their second-skin effect, DAILY WONDERS masks are made from cotton linters, cellulose fibers with exceptionnal softness. A true "home spa" to pamper your skin any time at home.

H20h my Gosh! It is time to take a dive into water!

After a day spent in the office, on the plane or in the sun, do you feel like your skin is dehydrated, or even thirsty? Splash! Jump into a bath of hydration with H2Oh my Gosh! This mask, with its hydrating and softening properties acts like a hydration drip. It quenches the skin with its ingredients to refresh, hydrate it and restore its softness and comfort. Bursting with water, your skin will instantly be plumped up and return to its smooth and luminous self. 

Break up with your EX-skin Cells.jpg

Break up with your EX-skin cells… Say goodbye to dull skin!

With very dry skin and dead skin cells gathering on the surface, after some times, the skin will suffocate and become dull. It is time to tidy up your skin with Break up with your EX-skin cells. Forget about scrubs and their abrasive grains...This clever emollient and exfoliant mask acts like a magical scrub. In just one step, your skin will be soft and radiant. It will immediately return to its glow!

A breath of Fresh Air… Say no to pollution!  

Overcomed by exhaust fumes, cigarette smoke, UV rays, all the many particles in the air...Urban dwellers' skin is strained and suffers from many external aggressions. After a day of repeated attacks, we are offering it a hydration bath that will increase its protection. Masks up! 

A breath of Fresh Air is coming to the rescue. Refreshing, protective, soothing, it is a real break to the countryside air! It will provide you with water-quenched skin, restore you back to comfort, radiance and softness just like after a day in the countryside. 

Too Much Fun in the Sun? No, the sun will not get your skin!

After a day spent lying in the sun, even if it was protected, the skin needs to be soothed. And for that there is the Too Much Fun in the Sun mask…whip it out immediately! Soothing and hydrating, it repairs skin damaged by UV rays. 

What Happened Last Night? No, your face will not betray you...

A party that lasted until the early morning light? Endless hours in the plane and insufferable jet-lag? Yet you often need to be functioning the next day! What Happened Last Night will help you put on a brave face. It will provide you with a flawless skin texture and healthy complexion in all circumstances. It is a real energising cocktail. As soon as it is applied, the mask will give your skin a shot of radiance, as if you had slept for as long as Sleeping Beauty.

Bye, Bye Impurities… Say goodbye to imperfections!

Shine, spots, dilated pores...Is your skin is making you see all sorts of colours? Subdue them with Bye, Bye Impurities…With a wave of the magic wand, this mask will make them disappear. Thanks to it, there will be no need for a war against spots! It regulates shine, reduces spots and imperfections, and tightens pores in a flash. Your face will immediately regain its healthy glow. Your skin will be clean and have a radiant and velvety complexion. What could possibly be better?

Relax It’s Zen Time! A promise of 15 minutes of relaxation  

Tired, stressed, unsettled? Say stop to the stress affecting your face! Apply a mask and you will be good to go! But not just any mask, Relax It's Zen Time! is the best weapon against stress. Calming and soothing: it's a real yoga session for your skin that will allow you to forget about your fatigue and relax the lines of your face.